National Institute for Newman Studies,

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Pittsburghn PA, Newman Studies Journal Vol 4/2 Fall 2007.
– FORD J.T., Editorial Preface 3-4.
– MASSEY K.A., Vergilian Allusions in Newman’s “Kindly Light”, 5-10.
– MONGRAIN K., Newman on Theology and Contemplative Receptivity in the Liberal Arts, 11-20.
– FLEISCHACKER D., John Henry Newman’s Vision of the Catholic Medical School, 21-30.
– LOVE J.W., Lessons in Virtue: Nineteenth-Century Lectures and Sermons to English and American Medical Students and Physicians, 31-42.
– FRIDAY J.R., Theology in Balance: The Role of Theology in Newman’s University and its Relevance to Contemporary Theologians, 43-53.
– FORD J.T., John Henry Newman: The Relationship between Theology and Science, 54-63.
– HOLTZEN T. L., Newman’s “Via Media” Theology of Justification, 64-74.
– SELIN G. B., Sermon Study, “The danger of accomplishments”, 75-82.
– CONN W.B., Newman Versus Subjectivism, The Context of Liberalism, Evangelicalism, and Rationalism, 83-86.