National Institute for Newman Studies,

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Pittsburgh PA, Newman Studies Journal vol 3/1 (Spring 2006).
– FORD J.T., Editorial Preface, Pope Paul VI on John Henry Newman, 3-4.
– CROSS L., John Henry Newman: A Father of the Church, 5-11.
– MILLER E.J., Warranting Christian Belief in Afterlife: Testing Newman’s “Grammar of Assent, 12-22.
– SCHLATTER F.W., Hopkins and Newman on Poetry, 23-33.
– PINO M., The Church Calendar in John Henry Newman’s “Loss and Gain”, 34-44.
– SHORT E., Gladstone and Newman, 45-59.
– TALAR C.J.T., The Laity as a Factor of Progress: John Henry Newman and Friedrich von Hügel, 60-72.
– DREW M., Newman the Businessman, 73-74.