Newman Studies Journal

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National Institute for Newman Studies, Pittsburgh, PA, vol 10/2 Fall 2013, p. 114.
– PETERS G., Newman’s Theology of the Monastic/Religious Life as a Means to Holiness, 7-17.

– LONG D. P., John Henry Newman and the Consultation of the Faithful, 18-31.

– WIMSATT M. T., John Henry Newman’s View of Poetry, 32-45.

– CRILE J. J., John Henry Newman’s The Arians of the Fourth Century: An Embarrassment? 46-58.

– LABORDE L., “Continiuty of Principles” in John Henry Newman’s An Essay on the Development of Christian Doctrine. 59-73.

– ROSSI Attilio, A Sermon of John Henry Newman at St. Clement’s: “On Nature of the Future Promise”, 74-87.