Warfare the Condition of Victory

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24th May 1838

“And they worshipped Him, and returned to Jerusalem with great joy: and were continually in the Temple, praising and blessing God. Amen.” Luke 24: 52, 53.

For forty days after His resurrection did our Saviour Christ endure to remain below, at a distance from the glory which He had purchased. The glory was now His, He might have entered into it. Had He not had enough of earth? what should detain Him here, instead of returning to the Father, and taking possession of His throne? He delayed in order to comfort and instruct those who had forsaken Him in the hour of trial. A time had just passed when their faith

The Temples of the Holy Ghost

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1. I adore Thee, O Eternal Word, for Thy gracious condescension, in not only taking a created nature, a created spirit or soul, but a material body. The Most High decreed that for ever and ever He would subject Himself to a created prison. He who from eternity was nothing but infinite incomprehensible Spirit, beyond all laws but those

John Henry Newman on Sin and Forgiveness – a selection

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All teaching about duty and obedience, about attaining heaven, and about the office of Christ towards us, is hollow and unsub­stantial, which is not built here, in the doctrine of our original corruption and helplessness; and, in conse­quence, of original guilt and sin. Christ Him­self indeed is the foundation, but a

The Evil of Sin

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My God, such is sin in Thy judgment; what is it in the judgment of the world? A very small evil or none at all. In the judgment of the Creator it is that which has marred His spiritual work; it is a greater evil than though the stars got loose, and ran wild in heaven,

What a mystery is there from first to last in the Son of God becoming man!

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She gave birth to a Son and laid him in a Manger

A daughter of man became the Mother of God – to her, indeed, an unspeakable gift of grace; but in Him what condescension! What an emptying of His glory to become man! and not only a helpless infant, though that were humiliation enough, but to inherit all the infirmities and imperfections of our nature which were possible to a sinless soul. What were His thoughts, if

Faith and Obedience

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“If thou wilt enter into life, keep the commandments.” Matt. 19:17.

Let a plain man read the Gospels with a serious and humble mind, and as in God’s presence, and I suppose he would be in no perplexity at all about the meaning of these words. They are clear as the day at first reading, and the rest of our Saviour’s teaching does but corroborate their obvious meaning. I conceive that