VELEZ J.R., A Guide to John Henry Newman. His Life and Thought.

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The Catholic University of America Press , Washington 2022, 532 pp.

I. John Henry Newman
– DELIO David P. and BRIEL Matthew C., His Idea of the Oxford Movement, pp. 3-20.
– ALONSO Juan, A Lifelong Journey of Conversion, pp. 21-37.
– MORGAN Stephen, An Imaginative Mind, pp. 38-55.
– GRIFFIN Carter, A Calling to Celibacy, pp. 56-72.
– GARCIA RUIZ Victor, An Unfailing Friend – and an Old Blue Cloak, pp. 73-94.
– WYMAN Barbara H., His Female Circle of Friends, pp. 95-104.
– MORROW Jeffrey L., A Biblical Scholar, pp. 105-121.
– LANG Uwe Michael, The Fathers of the Church, pp. 122-139.
– GOINS Scott, A Student and Tutor of Classics, pp. 140-156.
– LANE Christopher J., A Historian’s Craft, pp. 157-174.
– SEWARD Daniel, His Foundation of the Oratory in England, pp. 174-190.
– SHRIMPTON Paul, An Educator “from first to last”, pp. 191-208.
– PAKALUK Michael, A Philosopher, pp. 209-232.
– CROSBY John F., His Vision of Intellectual Virtue in Its Relation to Moral and Religious Virtue, pp. 233-246.
– WYMAN Barbara H., A Religious Poet: Offering Intimations of the Invisible World, pp. 247-266.
– LIBAUD Frédéric, A Great Spiritual Master, pp. 267-283.
II. John Henry Newman’s Doctrine
– DAUPHINAIS Michael, “Faith and Reason”: Learning to “See Things as God Sees Them”, pp. 287-308.
– BEAUMONT Keith, The Spiritual and Doctrinal Significance of His Sermons, pp. 309-336.
– FISHER Anthony, Voice of God? Conscience, Relativism, and Truth, pp. 337-351.
– ROWLAND Tracey, On Development of Doctrine: A Via Media between Intellectualism and Historicism, pp. 352-372.
– LANG Uwe Michael and VELEZ Juan R., From the Book of Common Prayer to the Sacrifice of the Mass and the
Roman Breviary, pp. 373-392.
– BEAUMONT Keith, The Connection between Theology, Spirituality, and Morality, pp. 393-413.
– STRANGE Roderick, Jesus as Saviour, pp. 414-425.
– GREGORIS Nicholas, His Biblical and Patristic Mariology, pp. 426-447.
– FORD John T., The Church: A Leitmotiv in His Writings, pp. 448-468.
– VELEZ Juan F., His Farsighted Understanding of the Laity’s Role in the Church, pp. 469-488.
– DELIO David P., Liberalism: Personal and Social Aspects in His Thought, pp. 489-508.