Newman Studies Journal

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The National Institute for Newman Studies, Pittsburgh, PA, vol 12 (Fall 2015) 2, 124 p.

– KER I., John Henry Newman: Analogy, Image, and Reality, 15-32.
– FORD J. T., John Henry Newman: A Short Introduction to His Writings, 33-44.
– SHORT E., John Henry Newman in The “Realm of Superstition”, 46-74.
– CONLEY P. J., Newman and the Complexity of Condolence and Newman and Grief’s Heart, 76-84.
– PFAU Th., Newman’s Idea of Tradition, 86-100.
– DORSEY M. J., Newman a Tweeter? Social Media and the Victorian Age: Personal Reflections Gained from the Digitization Project, 101-106.