O’REILLY K., Heart Speaks to Heart. Saint John Henry Newman and the Call to Holiness

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Gracewing, Leominster 2021.

  • Dolan Timoty, Foreword, pp. vii-xiii
  • Ker Ian, The Significance of Newman’s Canonization, pp. 1-10
  • Barres John, Homily: The Commemoration of All the Faithful Departed, pp. 11-16
  • Short Edward, Saint John Henry Cardinal Newman and the Standard of Saintliness, pp. 17-38
  • Cammarata Sylva Jo Anne, Newman and the Italians: How Italy and her People Brought Newman to a New Holiness, pp. 39-56
  • Marr Ryan, “The Value of One Single Soul”: Newman and the Gravity of Sin and the Quality of Mercy, pp. 57-68
  • Huddleston Elizabeth, To Witness the Unseen: Sanctity in the Thought of John Henry Newman and Wilfrid Ward, pp.69-92
  • Blum Christopher O., Saint John Henry Newman and the Ventures of Faith, pp. 93-101
  • Imbelli Robert P., “Until Christ be Formed in You” (Gal 4:19): Saint John Henry Newman’s Theological-Pastoral Mystagogy, pp. 103-124
  • O’Reilly Kevin J., Newman and Apologetics, pp. 125-153
  • Massa James, Epilogue, pp. 155-158