Newman Studies Journal

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The National Institute for Newman Studies, Pittsburgh, PA, Vol. 17, 1 Summer 2020, 187 pp.
– COLBERG Kristin M., “Not Undone, but Completed”: John Henry Newman and the Reception of Vatican I, 5-23.
– BLANCHARD Shaun, Setting Old Scores: Pastor Aeternus as the Final Defeat of Early Modern Opponents of Ultrmontanism, 34-51.
– CLARK Anthony E., Cor ad Cor Loquitur, Cardinal Newman Speaks to China: Newman, Pusey, and the Issue of a National Church, 52-77
– KEENA Justin W., The Paratexts of Newman’s Apologia, 78-102.
– RUPERT Jane, Newman on Pedagogical Practice, 103-116.
– BLANCHARD Claudine, A Comment on Eric Lafferty’s Article, “A Channel Apart”, 117-122.
– PORTIER William L., The First Vatican Council, John Henry Newman, and the Making of a Post-Christendom Church, 123-144.
– KING Benjamin J., Newman’s View of America, 145-160.