Christendom Educational Corporation (Ed.), Essays in Honor of the Centenary of John Henry Cardinal Newman (18011890):

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Faith and Reason, Christendom Press, Front Royal, Va., XV (1989) N° 4. 170 pp.
-O’DONNELL T., Introduction, “Lead, Kindly Light”, pp. 9-12;
-ROBINSON J., Newman and St. Philip Neri: The Quest for Sanctity, pp. 13-39;
-CAMERON J.M., John Henry Newman: Apostle of Common Sense?, pp. 41-64;
-RULE Ph., Newman and the English Theologians, pp. 65-90;
-GRIFFIN J.R., Newman and the Mother of God, pp. 91-109;
-RUTLER G.W., Newman and the Power of Personality, pp. 111-131;
-DALY A.C., Ever Old, Ever New: The Novelistic Heart of Newman, pp. 133-150;
-KELLY E.E., Newman’s Reputation and the Biographical Tradition, pp. 151-170.