Newman Studies Journal

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National Institute for Newman Studies, Pittsburgh, PA, Newman Studies Journal vol 12, 1 Spring 2015. 74 p.

– DORRILL James F., Newman’s and Kingley’s Gentlemen. pp. 4-13.
– GUERIN-BOUTAUD Jean-Louis, John Henry Newman and the Beloved: Newman Reading the Fourth Gospel. pp. 14-29.
– KEEFE Joseph F., “The Intellectual Difficulty of Imagining and Realizing Emamanuel”: Newman’s Concept of Realizing Christ in the Parochial and Plain Sermons. pp. 30-42.
– MULLER Matthew, Newman, Imagination, and The Idea of a University. pp. 43-56.
– WILCOX Peter C., Newman as Spiritual Director: His Personal Methods and Their Meaning for Understanding His Life. pp. 57-69.