Newman Studies Journal

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The National Institute for Newman Studies, Pittsburgh, PA, Vol. 17, Issue 2 Winter 2020, 133 pp.
– FAGGIOLI Massimo, Vatican I, the New Papacy, and the Crisis of Catholic Globalization, 5-21.
– CHAU NGUYEN Theresa Marie, Preservation of Type and the Continuity of Patristic Principles in the Legacies of Saint John Henry Newman and Henri de Lubac, 22-40.
– AQUINO Frederick D. and LOGAN Paul Gage, On the Epistemic Role of Our Passional Nature, 41-58.
– CORONA Marial, The Pragmatism of J.H.Newman, 59-80.
– DE SALIS AMARAL Miguel and NEPIL John, John Henry Newman’s Personal View of the Holiness of the Church: Some Useful Insights for our Times, 81-94.