Blessed John Henry Newman

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Fr. Hermann Geissler FSO

Dear brothers and sisters,


Today we celebrate the Memorial of Blessed John Henry Newman. As we know, after having read an anthology of this great English convert, Mother Julia said to the sisters around her: “My soul has found a brother”. Newman is very close to us, he is our brother, who intercedes for us and sustains us on our journey of faith. Let us recall one thought of Newman on faith. In his major work, “Grammar of Assent”, Newman describes how we come to give an assent to the truth, to the natural and to the supernatural truth. In this book he elaborates the distinction between notional assent and real assent.

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Newman, Teacher of Conscience

Fr. Hermann Geissler FSO

On the 19th of September 2010 Pope Benedict XVI beatified the famous English theologian John Henry Newman. During his Christmas audience with the Roman Curia, on the 20th of December 2010, the Holy Father spoke again of Newman and his affinity to our times, highlighting his understanding of conscience. As the Pope explains, the word conscience has come to signify in contemporary thought: „that for moral and religious questions, it is the subjective dimension, the individual, that constitutes the final authority for decision. … Newman’s understanding of conscience is

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Office of Reading

One of Newman’s Oratorian friends, who had lived with him for years has left us the following testimoney: „Newman had always

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O God, who bestowed on the Priest John Henry Newman

the grace to follow your kindly light

and find peace in your Church;

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God our Father, you granted to your servant Blessed John Henry Newman wonderful gifts of nature and of grace, that he

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Why was he beatified?

What does he have to say to us?

The pope explains this in his annual pre-Christmas address to the Roman Curia and cardinals who reside in Rome. ….

Many responses could be given to these questions, which were explored in the context of the beatification. I would like to highlight

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„Blessed John Henry Newman’s clear-minded search to know and express the truth in charity, at whatever cost to his own personal comfort, status and even friendships, is a wonderful testimony of a pure desire to know and love God in the communion of the Church. His is surely an example that can inspire us all.“
(Pope Benedict during the General Audience, September 22nd 2010)

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1. What is a beatification?

2. Newman’s process of beatification

3. The miracle that made Cardinal Newman’s beatification possible

4. The significance of Newman’s beatification

5. A short biography of Cardinal Newman

6. Quotes about Newman

7. Background to Cofton Park

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…Father Dominic, the Passionist, is coming here to-night on his way to Belgium – He does not know of my intentions, but I shall ask of him the charitable work of admitting me to what I

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Pope Benedict XVI recognised the healing of Deacon Jack Sullivan in 2001 as a miracle resulting from the intercession of the Venerable Servant of God John Henry Newman.
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